Fall Out Boy Mania Tour w/ Machine Kelly plus Special Guests State Champs

October 09, 2018
7:00 PM
$30.50, $50.50 and $70.50
Plus Service Charges

Event Details




This is a room provided for parents who did not wish to purchase a ticket for this event but who have children coming to the concert.

Guidelines for Parent Room:

  • There will be no admittance into the room until doors are open for the concert (check with the arena website at www.verizonarena.com or call 975-9000 for door time)
  • Parents wanting access to the Parent Room must enter the Washington Street Box Office Tunnel Entrance with their child
  • Parents will be required to sign in and at that point, parents and child will be wrist banded
  • It is extremely important that Parents understand that they MUST stay in the designated room. (Mtg Rm 2B)
  • Parents will not be allowed to go to the seating areas to check on their children nor will children attending the concert be allowed to go back and forth from the arena to the parent room.  However, if there is an emergency, Arena staff will make sure parents/children will be able to communicate to each other. Make sure you know your child’s seat location and please designate a place to meet your child after the concert is over.
  • There will be a TV in the room for you to watch, popcorn will be available free of charge and assorted drinks will be available for purchase.

PLEASE REMEMBER:  The Parent Room is a courtesy provided for this event. If parents wish to take advantage of this service, they must understand and follow the rules and guidelines listed above.

These rules are put in to place in order to provide a safe environment for both parents and children attending this concert.

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